tristan part 2

things that matter.

that phrase has been running through my head since my last visit with tristan.

when my crazy 3 year old is driving me up the walls and i can't even finish a thought. or i feel like there just aren't enough hours in the day. i am trying to think about what really matters. 

i didn't see his toes.

i cried, big fat tears. the entire ride home from this visit, and i'm welling up now days later. i just keep thinking about how something so simple, something i photograph on every newborn and don't even blink at, was missing from tristan's first session. how many days was it before his mama got to touch his tiny fingers and toes. 

he is growing. he has a going home outfit. 

gone was the quiet hum of my first visit. this hospital has gone from 3 babies to 13. just like that. i keep imagining those sweet little souls who aren't at home in their carefully planned nurseries. surrounded by those who love them the most. 

tristan has been in the nicu for 43 days. he has 2 big sisters who haven't spoiled him, a whole life outside those doors, just waiting for him.

remember to put some positive thoughts out in the universe for this family, and all those who can't snuggle their babies at home tonight.