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Before I start sharing lots of beautiful babies & their birth stories I thought I would start with my own!

It is not perfect.

It did not go the way I wanted. 

But it belongs to Reid & I, and it is the prequel to the most beautiful chapter of my life. 

It was a textbook pregnancy. Let's be real, I didn't love every minute, but I did savor every day, and really marveled at the whole process. Bonus that I got to share it with BOTH of my sisters! 

My Reid was due on October 13, 2013. Despite my best efforts (which included jumping jacks in the backyard!) 42 weeks was looming and the best course was determined to be a scheduled induction. 

hello 40 weeks!

hello 40 weeks!

After having my membranes stripped, and crying it out with my favorite midwife in the office. We settled on a Tuesday morning induction. She did suggest that if I felt steady contractions I could head in monday evening, and odds are they would keep me overnight since I was already scheduled for the morning. I changed my mind at least 4 times, but eventually decided to head in on Monday night. 

Labor hadn't really begun but they did keep me overnight since my induction was scheduled for 5am. 

My birth plan did not include induction, or pain medication. But after laboring to 7cm an anesthesiologist was very convincing to a young, and scared version of myself. The epidural was administered, waters were broken and pitocin increased. I'll spare you the details, but my epidural did not work and it took several hours of convincing before the anesthesiologist returned to fix it. By this point it was the early hours of Wednesday morning and things just were not feeling right. I had stopped progressing, and started to feel really dizzy and just generally out of it. 

When we spiked a fever shortly after, an emergency c-section was quickly decided on. My worst case scenario, but by that point all I cared about was delivering a healthy baby. 

Reid's first pictures! 

Reid's first pictures! 

I remember so little of that day. But if you've ever seen the movie Waitress, there is a scene towards the end when she is handed her baby for the first time. That is the best way I can describe how it felt when they handed me my perfect little human. The whole universe seemed to shift. 

I think one of my only regrets is not having anything but grainy cell phone pictures of our first days together. Of course I wish my birth had gone according to plan, but I barely remember it anyway. This experience is what pushed me towards Birth Photography. There is magic in each second, in the end it doesn't really matter how we come into the world. Just that we are surrounded by love.

Also, these grainy pictures are among my most treasured possessions :)  

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