A Sweet Little Nursery

Sharing the details on my (current) favorite room in the house!

I have a few hurried snapshots of Reid's precious nursery, which has changed so quickly into a little boy's room. Filled to the brim with monster trucks and trains.

Taking a few minutes to savor how fast this space will change is definitely not something I did the first time around.  

mother daughter maternity session

SO behind on blogging this summer! 

Here's a gorgeous session from June to bring me back around :) 


Newborn Mav at home

This session was such a dream. Sweet boy slept through his whole shoot. Plus those horses!! 

I've been lucky enough to hold a few newborn sessions outdoors the past month, we have had such perfect weather all spring. 

I actually just got to photograph Mav and his family again last week. Just a gorgeous piece of property with the best light! 

A Henna Maternity Session

Last month I had the privilege of working with the amazingly talented Chelsea of Cardamom & Clove Henna.

This styled shoot was so much fun.

From documenting the breathtaking Henna application process to photographing the beautiful Leah Hatfield, on what had to be the best weather all spring! 

I loved this so much Chelsea & I are putting together a day of Henna Mini Sessions for October!

a brand new just born session

tattoos, floral robes and a full head of hair = love!

whenever possible, i prefer turning off all the fluorescent bulbs and working with just available natural light. hospitals have some of the trickiest lighting, but sticking close to a window is always a safe bet! 

another birth day coming soon!

this rainbow baby's birth day is approaching so fast!

there is so much laughter and love in these images.

i can't wait to be there to capture their very first moments as a family of 4. 

the squishiest fresh baby

you guys! this has to be one of my all time favorite Just Born Sessions! it is such a privilege to capture those very first moments with your brand new baby.  

a gorgeous sunday morning, perfect soft light and the sweetest fresh baby face! 

a just born session

meet athan..

my newest niece was born the same weekend as this handsome guy, and they are totally perfect for each other! (check back in 18 years for an update..lol)

Just Born Sessions are a wonderful alternative if your budget doesn't allow for full birth, or even if it's just not something you're interested in. 

They allow you to capture those very first moments. Not to mention those extra squishy fresh baby cheeks! 

Athan's newborn session will be up soon too, as I was lucky enough to photograph all his very first moments :) 

a rainbow baby

rainbow babies and their mama's hold a special place in my heart. they are some of the strongest, most resilient women i have had the joy of photographing.  


lucky for me i got to the chance to document a maternity & newborn session for this special family.

This little man was a dream through his whole session, and a great snuggler :) 


in recent weeks i've taken some time off to work on studio renovations, and recharge a bit creatively.

the idea to take on a long term project has been weighing on my mind. i am a firm believer that you get back what you put out in the world, and that so many amazing stories go untold simply because no one takes the time to listen. 

when i read a late night message detailing a tiny, sweet boy it seemed like the universe was stepping in. 

then i met his mama. and it took about 2 minutes before i realized that was exactly where i should be. 

we sat in the hospital lobby and she filled me in on the details of her pregnancy. How a diagnosis of HELLP syndrome led to the premature birth of her little boy. Unfathomable to me, the mother of a chunky 42 weeker. but not new for her, as both of her previous girls were born early due to pre-eclampsia. 

i listened for awhile, about how difficult it is to not be there for your older children, to give up control over the daily tasks that define us as mothers. and i fought back a few tears looking at this woman who, honestly, gives the appearance of being quite put together.  

after an extra elevator ride to retrieve a forgotten cell phone (not mine, for once!!) we arrived at the NICU doors. New territory for me. I spent the 3 minute required hand washing time mentally preparing myself for a staff that may not welcome me , and the sight of the tiniest baby i have seen to date. 

i spend a lot of my time in hospitals, and consider myself well versed in the varying personalities of the staff. but the nurses in this nicu were some of the kindest i have ever encountered. the hushed tones were peaceful, and i found myself quite content to just sit and talk about life with tricia. however minor my role may be, i am so grateful to document these early days. 

tristan is tiny. but the sight of him did not jar me the way i anticipated. he is perfect, beautiful, strong and just a whole lot smaller than the newborns i snuggle everyday. 

he has made so many steps forward already, and i am looking forward to sharing his progress with you. it is so very important to remember that not every family carries a big, fat baby out of the hospital. for some the journey is long and full of uncertainty. keep this little guy in your thoughts and prayers. 

lakeside maternity

the opportunity to document a family beginning is such a gift. 

this gorgeous maternity session is the first in a 3 part series i was lucky enough to capture. 

i enjoyed every moment spent with these guys, and i'm pretty sure all 3 (and 1/2!) of us laughed until we cried. the lake near my home in lake of the woods was the perfect place to meet, and the cold weather held off until the end of our session! 

birth story

Before I start sharing lots of beautiful babies & their birth stories I thought I would start with my own!

It is not perfect.

It did not go the way I wanted. 

But it belongs to Reid & I, and it is the prequel to the most beautiful chapter of my life. 

It was a textbook pregnancy. Let's be real, I didn't love every minute, but I did savor every day, and really marveled at the whole process. Bonus that I got to share it with BOTH of my sisters! 

My Reid was due on October 13, 2013. Despite my best efforts (which included jumping jacks in the backyard!) 42 weeks was looming and the best course was determined to be a scheduled induction. 

hello 40 weeks!

hello 40 weeks!

After having my membranes stripped, and crying it out with my favorite midwife in the office. We settled on a Tuesday morning induction. She did suggest that if I felt steady contractions I could head in monday evening, and odds are they would keep me overnight since I was already scheduled for the morning. I changed my mind at least 4 times, but eventually decided to head in on Monday night. 

Labor hadn't really begun but they did keep me overnight since my induction was scheduled for 5am. 

My birth plan did not include induction, or pain medication. But after laboring to 7cm an anesthesiologist was very convincing to a young, and scared version of myself. The epidural was administered, waters were broken and pitocin increased. I'll spare you the details, but my epidural did not work and it took several hours of convincing before the anesthesiologist returned to fix it. By this point it was the early hours of Wednesday morning and things just were not feeling right. I had stopped progressing, and started to feel really dizzy and just generally out of it. 

When we spiked a fever shortly after, an emergency c-section was quickly decided on. My worst case scenario, but by that point all I cared about was delivering a healthy baby. 

Reid's first pictures! 

Reid's first pictures! 

I remember so little of that day. But if you've ever seen the movie Waitress, there is a scene towards the end when she is handed her baby for the first time. That is the best way I can describe how it felt when they handed me my perfect little human. The whole universe seemed to shift. 

I think one of my only regrets is not having anything but grainy cell phone pictures of our first days together. Of course I wish my birth had gone according to plan, but I barely remember it anyway. This experience is what pushed me towards Birth Photography. There is magic in each second, in the end it doesn't really matter how we come into the world. Just that we are surrounded by love.

Also, these grainy pictures are among my most treasured possessions :)  

hello 2017!

There is something about the start of a new year that feels so fresh and clean!

I started this one by completely emptying out my sweet, but oh so cluttered little studio. 

Staring at a blank slate for the first 2 weeks was awesome. I took some much needed time off from shooting and focused on scaling way back on the amount of stuff I had crammed into every corner of this space. 

I also had a chance to revamp my website and finally start a blog! 

Hooray for sticking to my resolutions! 

Stay tuned for some winter birth stories, and lots of sweet babies :)